Online Card Catalog – click to place a hold or renew items checked out on your account. We recommend you use Chrome on a personal device. You can place up to 15 items on hold at a time. Please allow 24 hours for your account to reflect updates. Please note there are compatibility issues with .mil computers. We recommend using a personal device to renew or place holds. You can also call 850.882.9308 or email

How do I keep items longer? Can I renew them online?

Yes, you can renew, extend or recheck-out several ways:

  1. Online: Login with your Library Card (barcode #)
  2. Call: 850-882-9308
  3. Email:
  4. You can also drop by with or without the items and make your request in person

You can place a Hold:

  1. Online: Login with your Library Card (barcode #)
  2. Call: 850-882-9308
  3. Email:
  4. Holds will be available for 5 business days.

Login using your entire library card number. You can place up to 15 items on hold at a time. Please add to your contacts list in order to receive overdue notices/renewal notices or check your spam folder. Overdue notices sent as a courtesy.

What items do you have available for checkout?

  • Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction/Biography
  • Children and Young Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction/Biography
  • CLEP and DSST Study Guides
  • ACT/SAT/ASVAB/AFOQT Study Guides
  • New Movies on Blu-Ray and DVD (Search by keyword. Enter DVD to search movie collection).
  • Language Learning Books and Audiobooks
  • Video Games

Are there any Overdue fines?

Military libraries do not charge Overdue fines. You are signing out government property; the expectation is that you will use it respectfully and return it in a timely manner.

What happens when I lose or damage a Library book or other property?

The sponsor is responsible for all items checked out on his or her account. Per AFI 34-150, he or she must purchase a NEW copy of the exact same item to replace the damaged or lost one.  Hardback books must be replaced with hardback copies.  Items may be shipped directly to the Library; email a copy of the purchase order to to have your account updated.  If you have trouble finding the exact replacement contact the Library staff for alternatives, 882-9308.

I am going TDY and need to keep things longer.

If you are going TDY, please let us know when you check out.  We will give you a special Due Date based on your trip time frame.  Deployments are usually too long for this service, but ask us and we’ll try to assist you.

Checkout/Hold Limit – You may have up to 15 items total checked out on your card at one time. We will hold items for 5 business days. Combined total of 15 DVDs/Blu-ray/Books/Audiobooks at one time. Limit of 2 new items allowed.

Books, Audiobooks, Language CDs, Board Games, Puzzles, DVDs and Blu-Ray

  • Checkout period: 14 days
  • Limit of 15 items allowed
  • 2 renewals unless requested by another borrower

New DVDs and Blu-Ray

  • Checkout period: 7 days
  • Limit of 2 new items allowed
  • no renewals

Video Games/Kindle Fire/ Samsung Galaxy/Playaway Launchpads/Kits

  • Checkout period: 14 days
  • Limit of 2 items allowed
  • 2 renewals unless requested by another borrower

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