IMG_4159Learn the basics of 3D printing, discover more about electronics, or create personalized scrapbook projects with our electronic cutter. The library is only able to provide free consumable materials on a limited basis for 3D printing. Please supply materials for the Cameo Silhouette and littleBits Electronics (we supply the Kits). To reserve lab time to print or schedule an orientation, please stop by the library, email or call 882-9309. Please allow two-three weeks for prints to be completed.

Step 1: Browse Thingiverse or create your own 3D model to print. 

Step 2: Email the library at the design you want to use so we can okay the print. We recommend you send us the page link to the print you would like or the .STL file. 

Step 3: Set an appointment to print. Library staff will run the printer due to heated surfaces. Please allow two-three weeks for prints to be completed.


quality2MakerBot Replicator+
Ultimaker 2 3D printer (laptop with Cura software available) Video
Cameo Silhouette Electronic Cutter
littleBits Kits

3D Printing Websites:
Cameo Silhouette Software
Ultimaker 2 Tested In-Depth Video
Make Magazine
3D Hubs (The Upload section is very helpful)
What is 3D Printing? (lots of free software to design your own print)

Makerspace Policy

replicator_module_1Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of filament do the 3D Printers use?
PLA (Polylactic Acid—a bioplastic derived from corn).

Is there a fee to print?
No, not at this time.

Are there limits to what I can print?
Yes, please see our Makerspace Policy. Also, some designs simply won’t work with our printers, and we do restrict prints based on the length of time the item will take to print.  Please visit in person to find out more—print time varies greatly depending on the printer settings and individual design. There is a 5 hour print limit. Limit of 10 hours per week.

What file format is best for my design?
.STL saved on a thumb drive or SD Card.

Do you offer classes?
No, not at this time. We offer one-on-one instruction with appointment.